Weighing an Object’s Sound

Weighing an Object’s Sound is a collection of objects and instructions. Though possibly viewed as Duchamp-like ready-mades alongside fluxist prompts, their full potential requires uncovering through interaction. The audience may playfully explore the sonic possibilities of these found objects, performing for themselves, the room, or others in the space.

This installation attempts to convey my daily artistic practice as a percussionist. As a percussionist I have no fixed instrument, instead constantly mutating reflexively to items encountered. The physical effort and mental presence necessary to uncover an object’s wealth of sonic intricacies is an exciting, enrapturing, and satisfying experience I hope the audience too will experience.

This installation was first presented in the basement of 21 Marketplace in Huddersfield, an empty retail space repurposed for the exhibition Space as an Instrument that ran February 9 – 14, 2019. I also performed Pablo Galaz’s solo for lions roar and live-electronics, Roren, the opening evening alongside Viola Yip & Nicola Hein’s spectacular audio/visual show Transsonic, and a solo electroacoustic performance by David Velez.