Timothy Cape's rapid-fire theatre solo meditating on our destructive love-obsession with plastic.
Abstract multimedia performance with the Noisebringers and Weston Olencki
Brutalust present an absurdist sound/theatre performance based on Eugene Ionesco’s play, The Lesson.
Collaborative exploration of an outdoor Huddersfield space and the found objects in it.
Your head becomes an instrument, a site for a sonic and felt experience.
A theatrical solo performance using a traditional Newfoundland instrument, the 'ugly stick'.
A multipercussion with 8-channel electronics piece meditating on landfills' layered nature.
Investigating sonic materiality through piano, thundersheet, and live-electronics.
Entering a dream world of imaginary spaces emanating from the vibraphone.
Tricks and false appearances cause tensions and explosions in this improvisatory piece.
Ritualistic meditations on communication technologies' disconnecting sensation.
Information overload, suspended waste, and perceptions of liveness.