“My thirst for you will never end, but I still want to destroy you.”

This performance is a metaphor for society’s current relationship to plastic — a passionate love-hate relationship. Plastic is a convenient and ingenious way for us to sate our needs of hygeine, fast/disposable lifestyle, and consumer fetish — (a packaged product alluringly invites us to undress it after purchase). However we then have to deal with the reality of it never going away / never disintegrating. Its promise of transience and disposability is a lie. Its promise of a cheap and easy one night stand is a lie.

I first encountered this piece at HCMF in 2017 when Tim Cape performed it himself during a Bastard Assignments concert. Over the course of an email correspondence, I convinced Tim to make a score for the piece, and went about collecting plastic to create my version of the bed sequence for the background video. I first performed it at a solo recital, titled ‘Finding the Abyss: (post)Percussion Recital’, in Phipps Hall Huddersfield in June 2018. I’ve since performed it at the Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik and at Wakushoppu in Prague’s Punctum.

For more information check out Timothy Cape's website.