A smartphone is continually reorientated, triggering the device to flip and spin a video playing back on it. The randomized rotations glitch and stutter the video; the same annoyance regularly experienced when we try to find the right aspect ratio for a video on our smartphones. The Noisebringers and Colin Frank perform a series of absurdist and mundane events in the film, made all the more dizzying as they are turned sideways, upside down, and spun randomly about.

This piece is a sequel to Meanwhile, a film that was presented in the previous Noisebringers intermedia album, Will you marry us? Whereas in Meanwhile, sixteen separate films were rapidly spliced between to form 14 minutes of content, in Anyways, the sixteen films appear in their entirety. The resulting film is a three-hour long montage of menial tasks performed by a multitude of personas which the Noisebringers and Colin Frank embody.

Two excerpts of Anyways

Anyways was presented at Analix Forever in Geneva as part of the Noisebringers exhibition ‘Is the New Punk’. You can also encounter it’s documentation in the online video game ‘Is the New Punk‘.

Image of installation 'Anyways' at Analix Forever.