Virtual Sphere Incarnate

Hello, my name is Altenblpc. Rather than identify as a human being I prefer to introduce my Internet avatar: I am an incandescent floating sphere. Since the disintegration of the physical world (due to environmental destruction and institutional obsolescence) I now navigate a virtual one; a pristine and open-source reality established for all of humanities needs. Experiences such as hiking through nature or attending orchestral concerts, impossible in the real world, are easily accessible here, and, in my humble opinion, have been greatly improved beyond the original model. It is better demonstrated than explained, so let me take you on a brief tour through this virtual space.

This piece was performed in:

CreatorSpace Conversation Concert – Ottawa, ON (2017-05-27)
Sound Thought Festival – Glasgow, UK (2017-05-12)
Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST) Feast – Birmingham, UK (2017-04-29)
PAS Quebec Day of Percussion – Montreal, QC (2017-01-14)
Sonology Discussion Concert, Schoenbergzaal, Royal Conservatoire – The Hague, NL (2016-05-07)