a sound world for small things

In this collaboration with sound artist and composer Sam Gillies we investigated temporal-spatial reflections on an outdoor location in Huddersfield and the agency found objects have for configuring improvised performance. At the initial session in the space, a secluded forested dog walking area, we recorded the environment in 360º video and audio statically, then performances on the objects there. These environmental objects included ferns, trees, a wooden sculpture, a stream, drainage pipes, and stones. Each required a different performance approach, and discovery through experimenting and improvising. Collecting this footage on a chilly spring day allowed for a pint in a warm local pub however.

Sam developed this footage into a 360º video for experiencing with virtual reality technology. Watch it here:

We additionally thought a live performance extending this initial material would be good. The resulting piece we then performed twice – once as a solo (see video above) and later with the Drift Ensemble as a trio. We extended found objects from the outdoors – including stones, twigs, leaves, water, and broken glass – across the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System’s 32 speakers. Sam designed a patch which allowed for me to interactively play with the originally recorded sounds; extending the instrument both via amplification and into a past space-time.